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Sold as a box of 25 sensors (BK 5035).




OccluSense® handheld is a battery powered device which uses your local wireless network to transfer the recorded data to the OccluSense® iPad-App. The inductive charger provides wireless power transfer. Fully charged batteries allow the usage of the device for up to 4 hours.


The technologically advanced OccluSense® pressure sensors allow the recording of the masticatory forces in 256 pressure levels. The thin and flexible material permits the recording of both the static and dynamic occlusion. Additionally, the red color coating marks the occlusal contacts on the patient’s teeth.

OccluSense® XL Sensors BK 5035 (25 Pieces)

    • OccluSense® Sensors BK 5035 (Includes 25 Pieces)
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